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At Salt of the Earth, we’re dedicated to providing athletes and active individuals with the highest quality electrolytes to fuel their performance. Our electrolytes are trusted and endorsed by world champions like Caroline Marks, ensuring you get the best hydration support possible.

World Champion Approved

“Thank you. Been loving the electrolytes here, it’s so hot haha!!” – Caroline Marks

The Story Behind the Endorsement

The founder of Salt of the Earth, Sean, reached out to all the surfers heading to the Olympics in Tahiti, offering to send them our premium electrolytes. Caroline Marks was one of the surfers who took up the offer and received our electrolytes.

After trying them, Caroline shared her enthusiastic feedback, highlighting how much she loved the electrolytes in the hot conditions of Tahiti. The next day, she went on to win the WSL event in El Salvador. Caroline is currently in contention to repeat her world champion status from last year and is a heavy favorite for the gold medal this year in the Olympics.

Why Choose Salt of the Earth Electrolytes?

  • Premium Ingredients: Our electrolytes are crafted with natural ingredients to provide optimal hydration and replenishment.
  • Enhanced Performance: Stay hydrated and energized, whether you're surfing, running, or enjoying any physical activity.
  • Trusted by Champions: World-class athletes like Caroline Marks rely on our electrolytes to stay at the top of their game.
  • Delicious Flavors: Enjoy a variety of refreshing flavors that make staying hydrated enjoyable.

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Join the ranks of elite athletes and discover the hydration benefits of Salt of the Earth Electrolytes. Perfect for hot days, intense workouts, and everyday wellness.

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Customer Reviews

“These electrolytes are a game-changer. I feel more energized and hydrated during my workouts.” – Jamie L.

“The flavors are amazing, and I love knowing that I'm drinking something that's good for my body.” – Alex R.

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