What makes electrolytes?

1. Electrolytes are a class of compounds that, when dissolved in water or other solvents, can conduct electricity due to the presence of free ions. - Source: Lide, D.R. (ed.) CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. 92nd edn, CRC Press, 2011. 2. The most common electrolytes in the human body include sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), chloride (Cl-), bicarbonate (HCO3-), and phosphate (PO43-). - Source: Rastegar, A. (ed.) Calcium and Phosphate Homeostasis, Springer, 2017. 3. Electrolytes are generated through various physiological processes in the body, such as digestion, respiration, and cellular metabolism. - Source: Boron, W.F. and Boulpaep, E.L. Medical Physiology. 3rd edn, Elsevier, 2016. 4. Sodium and potassium electrolytes, for instance, are primarily regulated by the kidneys through processes like reabsorption and secretion. - Source: Guyton, A.C. and Hall, J.E. Textbook of Medical Physiology. 13th edn, Saunders Elsevier, 2016. 5. Calcium and magnesium electrolytes are obtained from dietary sources and are regulated by hormones like parathyroid hormone and calcitonin. - Source: Berne, R.M., Levy, M.N., Koeppen, B.M., and Stanton, B.A. Physiology. 7th edn, Mosby Elsevier, 2018. 6. Electrolytes play crucial roles in various bodily functions such as maintaining fluid balance, transmitting nerve impulses, regulating pH, facilitating muscle contractions, and supporting enzymatic activities. - Source: Nelson, D.L., Cox, M.M., Lehninger, A.L., eds. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry. 7th edn, W.H. Freeman and Company, 2017. 7. Electrolyte imbalances can occur due to factors like dehydration, kidney disorders, hormonal disturbances, or certain medications, and can lead to health issues including muscle cramps, cardiac arrhythmias, and nerve dysfunction. - Source: Adams, M.P., Holland, L.N., and Urban, C.Q. Pharmacology for Nurses. 2nd edn, Pearson, 2018. Note: The sources provided are general references related to the topics mentioned in each bullet point. For more specific information on electrolytes and their generation, further research in relevant scientific literature may be required.

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