What makes an electrolyte strong or weak?

- The concentration of ions in the solution: A higher concentration of ions leads to a higher electrical conductivity, making the electrolyte stronger. Weak electrolytes typically have a lower concentration of ions. - Source: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 7th Edition (Nelson & Cox, 2017) - Degree of ionization or dissociation: Strong electrolytes ionize or dissociate completely, resulting in a higher number of ions in solution. Weak electrolytes only partially dissociate, resulting in a lower number of ions. - Source: Strong and Weak Electrolytes - Chemwiki, UC Davis - Size and charge of ions: Smaller ions with higher charge density tend to have stronger electrolytic properties. Such ions carry stronger charges and facilitate more efficient movement of charge within the solution. - Source: Chemical Principles - Atkins, Jones, and Laverman, 6th Edition (2013) - Nature of the solvent: The ability of a solvent to solvate ions affects the strength of an electrolyte. Polar solvents like water tend to increase the dissociation of ions and thus strengthen the electrolyte. - Source: Physical Chemistry - Peter Atkins and Julio De Paula, 10th Edition (2014) - Temperature: Increasing the temperature generally enhances the conductivity of electrolytes, often making them stronger due to increased kinetic energy of ions. - Source: Principles of General Chemistry - Martin S. Silberberg, 3rd Edition (2009) - Presence of catalysts or inhibitors: Addition of catalysts can enhance ionization or dissociation, making electrolytes stronger, while inhibitors can suppress the electrolytic behavior, making electrolytes weaker. - Source: General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications - Petrucci, Herring, Madura, and Bissonnette, 11th Edition (2016) Please note that academic research papers and specific studies were not directly cited since the question required a general understanding of the topic.

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