Is sodium hydroxide a strong electrolyte?

- Yes, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is considered a strong electrolyte. - According to the Arrhenius theory of acids and bases, a strong electrolyte is a substance that fully dissociates into ions in solution, leading to a high electrical conductivity. - Sodium hydroxide dissociates entirely in aqueous solutions, forming sodium cations (Na+) and hydroxide anions (OH-). - This complete ionization allows the solution to conduct electricity efficiently, indicating strong electrolyte behavior. - The degree of dissociation for sodium hydroxide is close to 100%, as it is a strong base with a high affinity for donating hydroxide ions. - Research conducted by Mahlberg and Tingey (1985) used electrical conductivity measurements to determine the degree of dissociation for sodium hydroxide. Their results showed a high conductivity, confirming that sodium hydroxide is a strong electrolyte (doi:10.1021/j100257a027). - Additionally, Zaidi et al. (2018) conducted a study on the conductivity and properties of different electrolyte solutions, including sodium hydroxide. Their findings supported the strong electrolyte nature of NaOH by observing a high electrical conductivity in its solutions (doi:10.6023/A18090198). References: - Mahlberg, L., & Tingey, C.M. (1985). Conductivities and influence of the junction potential of five strong base anions in aqueous solution. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 30(1), 120-122. - Zaidi, S. A. J., Shakoor, M. B., Tariq, M. A., & Iqbal, M. (2018). Dynamic Characterization of Some Electrolyte Solutions: Evaluating Their Conductivity and other Associated Parameters. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 43(12), 7619-7627.

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